Thursday, September 29, 2011

Plastic surgery

At the moment I love neon colours, after my mistress bought me this superstylish neon orange collar made of BioThane®. It's a fantastic material, easy to clean and robust - perfect for my turbulent life.

But this won't be the story of my todays post - no - I found some really nice artworks at the web, some plastic-sculptures that are painted in neon adding gold and silver colours.
They're handmade by the italian artist »thegoodmachinery« and his brand "The strange planet".

He also does wildlife animals from Africa. I adore the giraffe you can see at the next pic:

Please notice that all of these animals are not meant to be used as a toy - unfortunately, because I would like to figure out, if there's a squeaker inside....

Saturday, September 24, 2011

You spin me round

There are nights where I cannot sleep (because it's so important to guard my house) that I wished I had one of these lovely mobiles of »KLT:works«. KLT are the initials of Kristin Loffer Theiss, who's the designer and owner of this brand that started in 2005 with the creation of handmade designs for the modern home.
Take a look at them and be sure your eyes are getting tired and more tired....Your head is getting close your eyes and fall into a deep deep sleep....

This is your wake-up call, because Kristin Loffer Theiss has so much more interesting things in her shop:

You see - sometimes it's better to stay awake.

P.S. There are only 3 months left until x-mas!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nose jewellery

There are many ways for dog owners to show the world how much they love their dogs. The following one is really unique and special: The guys from »Custom Pet Nose Print Necklaces« are producing handmade sterling silver pendants from your dogs nose. Therefor you have to make a mold of it and send it back to the artist who casts the pendant for you.
If you want you can even have the name of your cutie engraved on the back.

This procedure really reminds me of the glorious Walk of Fame in L.A.
And there's nothing wrong with being famous...

So buddies: pipe down and go!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shake, shake, shake

I hate getting wet! Each time my mistress is bathing me, I MUST shake me while shampooning. My mistress always getting furious, but it's a reflex action that is completely normal for us dogs (nanny-nanny boo-boo!!).
The U.S. photographer »Carli Davidson« made some really exceptional pictures with a high-speed-camera of this phenomena. From my point of view, it's absolutely interesting and real art. (Even though some of my buddies look pretty weird while shaking...)
Have fun!

(Pictures from the latest Issue of the german »View« magazine.)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dogs in advertising, Part Two

This time I would like to show you a TV-spot of VW. It's not the actual one, but I really like it since I've seen it the first time in 2008.
(Maybe the reason is, because the dog inside the car reminds me of myself...Don't know what is shot of the buddy outside the car - that's really not specific for our breed...)
O.K. Let the music play!

Agency: DDB|London

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Sometimes my mistress is starting a trip without me. Last weekend she went to Amsterdam|The Netherlands to visit some of the famous museums there.
For me a sign to stay at home, because I hate being carried in a train or leashed in front of old houses where people named Rembrandt or van Gogh or something live...Thank God that I stayed in Hamburg, because my mistress reported that it's a pitty for dogs to live in Amsterdam, because there's no greenery in sight.
But she found a lot of lovely things, that I don't want to keep back from you. (That's the reason why this post is written by her...but I swear that it won't get a steady state, okay?)

Everybody knows, the Dutch people always ride on bikes. And it's true - never seen that many bicycles... This is a really romantic one, I like the typography and the mint green colour:

While walking around the pretty town canals I saw these two colourful retriever standing in a window. Maybe that's how a "normal" retriever looks after smoking some cannabis...

Apropos smoking cannabis: This is one dependance of a famous coffe-shop chain. The only question is: Why is the dog thirsty?

There are so many galleries in this part of the town! You can find every type of art - from modern to old fashioned. The following galleries seem to have real preciosities for sale, because somebody keeps a jealous watch over it:

This amazing sculpture is made by the artist »Kim Boulukos« and is presented at the gallery »Smelik Stokking «. It's actually the best work I've seen for a long time:

This pug looks really scary. I found him at a gallery while walking back to my apartment after having dinner at the fantastic reaturant »thjis« at the Prinsengracht. It was dark outside and so it was a really spooky moment when I saw this little monster:

Another piece of magnificent art. A lordling takes a walk with his dog. Here you can perfectly see who's the top dog of the couple...

Look at this couple of caricatured greyhounds seen in the window of another gallery:

And an antique couple. The dachshund at the right is from Germany and carries a letter "An Herrchen" (Translation: To my Lorling):

The Dutch people are really taking a joke (seen in a window of a rummage-shop):

Another find in the window of a bakery. That's what I call perfect recycling of plastic-bags!

Amsterdam is a real "shopping-eldorado". But too much shopping can be sooooooo boring (but never for us girls, eh?)

A snapshot of a dogs everyday life in Amsterdam:

The dog above bears resemblance to this one I've seen in the »Rijksmuseum«. It's part of an antique picture of tiles made out of »Delft-porcelain«:

Another part of the famous porcelain from Delft - a cute dog bowl (not antique):

And a lovely Delft-souvenir for Antons Dogsitter Anna from »Dogs And The City« in Hamburg. It looks a little bit like Anton with the blue spot on his eye:

Also this one has a similarity to Anton. It's really strange: Everytime I'm without him, I miss him after a few hours...

Nevertheless - it was a fascinating and inspiring journey even without him.
Dank u Nederlander en tot ziens Amsterdam!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Do(g) it yourself

It's important to protect the world we're living in. And it's important to support organizations that protect our planet.
My mistress is helping since years - she aids the »WWF - world wide fund for nature«.
A few days ago she received a mailing to help protecting the wolves in Europe. And there was a really nice idea attached at this letter: A small origami-sheet to fold up your own wolf!
For me it doesn't look like an ordinary wolf, rather it seems to be a cute little dog and so I forced my mistress to fold a pride of "dogs" for me. You can even print the following pattern onto colored paper to build various breeds, isn't that fabulous? Here we go!

The original color of the mailing-wolf was green, but my mistress "bleached" it for printing dogs in several colors:

Here comes the instructions for folding (No fear, it's quite easy!):

So let's run with the pack, buddies!