Wednesday, April 27, 2011

dog-spa 2.0

I hate bathing - as most of my collegues. Then I found this little movie at the Internet - it's part of a range called »Iso in slow motion« - and I really go for taking a bath right now...Isn't this stupefying? But please: Don't tell my mistress about - she is absolute devoted to scrub me.

The lovely song is »The Way I Am« by Ingrid Michaelson. You can buy it on iTunes.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Say C-H-E-E-S-E !

Is your dog one of those who loves to smile, too? There's a lovely page at the web where you can send your picture to: It's the website of the American dog-magazin »The Bark«.
Check out some of the probands:

If you also want your dog to be famous - go ahead!
If he doesn't want to smile - show him this (after seeing this, he definitely will):


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Today at the fleemarket

It has been a sunny day today. So we went out to one of our fleemarkets in Hamburg to have a look around. The first I saw were these buddies laying under the sales booth...The caption came to my mind was »Too tired or Two tired?«

There have been a lot of people searching for kitsch, treasures and preciousities. But this pup seems to search for something else...

I always rest my case: Terrier are really brilliant...

I really empathize with this buddy - no surprise that he looks so miserable with that cable hanging around his neck...

...and this one also seems to be a little bit petrified:

A gorgeous but really cheap dachshund: a purchase of 28 Euro, eats nothing, drinks nothing, needs no place to sleep and never barks.

The poodle-frequency was enormous today...
A white and mellow exemplar:

...and a black and nodding exemplar from the 60ies.
This one has a new owner from today: My mistress. Hopefully he doesn't annoy me - but I think he agrees with everything I tell him.

For whom are these guys waiting? And why are they looking so huffish?
»Hey, the sun is shining! It's a perfect day today! Wooofff!«

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Bark, New Bark

During my last trip to New York - that was coincidentally my first too - I sniffed around to have some new inspirations of what doggies do and wear in the Big Apple. I was very surprised to see these costumes at the lovely dogboutique »trixie and peanut«, located at 23 East 20th Street.
(Hopefully there won't be a pack of hounds that chase the little Chihuahua while wearing this Bunny-Costume....)

America is a really amazing country. Nobody in Germany would ever consider on a automat that contains Dogtreats or PooBags. It's really clever - but there is a snag in it: you always have to pack 25 Cent in your pocket.

Here you can see, that really everyone in New York is in a hurry...even those nice tightened Chihuahuas. But maybe there are some hounds (see above) close on her heels, because of here lovely pink costume...

...or she has a date at Jemmy's Run with a dinky pug....You can have a look, it's near the Flat Iron Building (between 5th Avenue and Broadway).

Thursday, April 7, 2011


It's springtime! And I'm feeling sooooooo bloomy. Look at these awesome "collar corsages" made by Beantown, Nebraska | USA. So, c'mon: Say it with flowers....

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

family affairs

There's an amazing shop I found while sniffing through the internet: pillowpillowpillow by the designer Aaron Stewart and Hornet Toys. They produce - who'd have thunk? - cozy little pillows with illustrations of different dog-breeds and other pets. It's a pitty, that they don't have one of my kind - it seems to be that I'm inimitable....