Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Such a shame!

Long time no see! And I'm really sorry about that!
After my mistress worked frantically the last 6 months, she wasn't able to release any of my uncountable and unbeatable ideas or internet-founds.
It's really a shame that my staff is doing their own things without caring for anything else!

To save time and nerves, I decided to continue posting in my native tongue (German) in the future.
Hope, this will be ok for you. I'm going to translate my posts via Google translator.
I'm not sure if anything will be perfectly translated then, but now I'm neither.... ;-)

But now, let's return to the word »shame« I mentioned at the beginning of this post:
I found a great web page that's all about shaming dogs.
Like in earlier times where a naughty kid had to wear a fool's cap after being cheeky, this page shows pictures of naughty dogs showing a sign with their outrage.
It's so funny, because some of them aren't ashamed at all!

But the best thing is, that you can upload a picture of your own dog and share with the rest of the world what your beloved friend did!

So, go ahead!

Hmmmm, and that's me. Ashamed. But not sorry at all...

See ya real soon!