Monday, July 15, 2013

Of dogs and boxes

Yeah, it's summer! Let's go outside in the greens!
Fortunately I have some square feet belonging to me, so my mistress is currently working there at any minute of the day for some snipping and plucking, raking and digging (why is she allowed to but not me??)...
But let's get on with it: I found some interesting accessories for your garden space that even suits a balcony or looks like a stylish statue inside the house.
Some wired cages moulded like dogs for planting and shaping box-trees or moss. Once again found at ebay Germany.

I like the look of a rough scribble and wouldn't destroy this with planting something in. But decide:

And this is how it looks like with moss:

That's all fine, but my choice of a garden sculpture would be a hydrant.