Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Teacup dog

It's really healthy to drink enough every day. So why not celebrate your thirst in an elegant way?
Wow - that rhymes...

I found a superlovely teapot - topped with a lid that looks like a cheeky puppy - and comes with two integrated pastel coloured cups.
It's created by the Japanese designer, Shinzi Katoh (via »ModCloth«) who is well known in making book illustrations and product design.

For me the only cup dog that I'll ever accept...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

spring fever

It's becoming spring! The tulips and hyacinths are growing in my garden and I'm feeling totally excited about that.
Some of my collegues feel much more excited about other things - called reproduction.
Luckily that's not one of my problems, but I sympathise with their typical symptoms named absence of appetite, insomnia and heartache.
I found a really interesting solution for their pain in terms of a »Hot Doll« - a sexdoll and companion for dogs. Available in vicious black or virginial white:

I, personally, think that it doesn't look like a typical "playmate". For me it's a design object for a stylish home.
But it is purportedly: Love is blind.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


My dearest friends.
Most of you certainly know how it feels when you have to go to the vet:
It's a terrible nightmare!
The most degrading thing is when he prescribes a cone of shame. (B.t.w. it's the perfect definition of this awful object...)
Julia Duncan-Roitman, the founder of »Pink Baby Mouse Shop« doesn't only breed mice (yeah, it's true, buddies!) - she also designed these incredible "Cone Pillows" that show different dog breeds on colourful fabrics.

Dear talented inventors & designers.
It would be really kind, if you would give some attention to the look of these horrible cones of shame. I'm sure it would be a profitable job for you...And I swear that all dogs in the world - including me - would be deeply grateful.
Kind regards and a big woofeee!