Friday, November 9, 2012

Do(g) it yourself: treat-containers

Because it's getting more & more unpleasant outside and time's running up to christmas, I've decided to show you some nice ideas and handicrafts in the upcoming weeks.

Today I'm starting with a really nice DIY-idea by »Diane Henkler« - published at  the platform »momtastic«.
At this platform you'll find the full instructions to develop your very own dog-food container made out of an old can. Everybody will envy your talent, wanna bet? - But don't panic, it's really easy. It only appears stylish and pricy....

For an absolute professional finish you'll also find the following labels to download at »momastic«:

Buddies, enough is enough -  time to roll up your sleeves and get started!

P.S. You can send me pics of your finished containers and your own ideas of labels and creations.
I'll show them in one of my next posts.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


There are times, I don't like other dogs. Fortunately most dogs realize that rather fast and forgo me - unfortunately their owners don't...
As humans are sometimes in a bad temper we dogs are, too. But how to explain this to bustling people, gushy kids or ignorant congeners?

The »Yellow Dog Project« - founded in september 2011- was created to bring awareness to dogs who need space. Dog owners only have to put a yellow ribbon or something similar in yellow at the leash of their dogs to demonstrate their need of room. 

There are some lovely illustrations of artist »Lili Chin« that describe the idea in a fantastic way. 
Her works about dogs and dog education as well as her custom made dog portraits are absolutely unique and my favourites. 
You'll find them following in English and for my German readers also in German.
If you need another translation, please cheek out the website of the »Yellow Dog Project«.

And keep in mind: The more dog owners know about this initiative, the better it works -
so please pass this on to have a better social life.

On behalf of all my buddies, sincere thanks to you all!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Bead it!

Usually I'm not into that Bling-Bling-stuff, but I found something really magnificent in the net:
The Lone Beader  - or respectively Diana L. Grygo from Boston | USA - creates something with beads that is really incredible: Inspired by dogs, cars or typical city scenes she makes lovely brooches, pins, jewellery and even art in an absolut particular way.

This one I ♥ most, because it looks like me!

A lot more dog-breeds than these presented you can find at Dianas shop.
B.t.w.: If you are a dextrous person and want to try it out by yourself, she also has some nice tutorials on sale. Enjoy!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

LOL - Part Two

As you all know, I'm a big fan of the dog-cartoons of Gary Larson. In June I shared with you some of his illustrations. Because I just can't get enough of him, I collected some more examples of his - sometimes nasty - humour.

So please welcome part 2 of Gary Larsons strange world:

I could crack up with laughing again and again! Maybe there will be a Part Three of that in the future....

Thursday, August 16, 2012


As most of my colleagues I'm a real beef-junkie.
Can't understand why some people think that they (and sometimes their poor dogs, too) don't need any meat....

For dog owners who have this curious point of view (just as well for everyone who loves crazy dog stuff), Claudia Talbi of »Friesenliese« designed the vegan haunch plush-toy.
Made of cotton and fleece and filled with polyether, it's the perfect agreement for salad-enthusiasts:

This is her dog »Klara« who enjoys her soft "meal":

In this case the old saw: »Don't play with your food!« - seems to be disproved.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oh Sh*t!

Sorry for the delay, buddies. It's such a busy time at the moment - taking sun baths, relaxing at the pool, going swimming (not in the pool but in some smelly puddles), meetinging friends, pinching sausages from the grill...

But now it's time for some intellectual things in life.
I found a really interesting gift while surfing the web: A pendant made by the Dutch designer Marloes Duyker of »Naked Design«.
It comes with a silver plated chain and is produced by lasercut. Available in many different colours - ask for your favourite one!

Black with Gold- my favourite combination!

Red alert!

Pretty in pink.

Golden nugget...

I think I'll recommend one of them to my master as the perfect gift for my mistress. They celebrate their 10th wedding day next tuesday...

Friday, July 6, 2012

True colors

Sometimes I wish that you humans could understand what we dogs are thinking about (but sometimes I'm really glad that you couldn't...)
The New York artist, writer & comedian Christopher Rozzi of »tiny confessions« found a perfect way to show all the thoughts and deepest secrets of your four-legged friend in his magnificent illustrations.

Have a look at some news about your dog you wouldn't dream of:

 Do you want to know what secret thoughts I have?
»I would exchange everything for a squeaky toy - even you« *

*But: Shhh! Let's keep this quiet, okay?!?

Friday, June 29, 2012

Viva Italia!

After Germanys desaster at the European Football Championship yesterday, where we played against Italy (and lost the match), I wasn't sure if this is the perfect moment to post my latest vacation experiences.
These days I stay in Italy - better say Tuscany - and enjoy the sunny weather, the sweet idleness and the perfect Italian food.
The picture shows me amidst an exhibition in the city of »Arezzo«. It seems like David against Goliath and I felt a little bit scary. (But: Mum's the word to anybody!)

Greetings from Tuscany, my dearest friends! I wish you all a terrific weekend!

But now I  have to end up for today, because there are some terrible mouth-watering "salsiccia con tartufi" waiting for me....

Thursday, June 14, 2012

LOL - Part One

While I'm alone at home - when my mistress f.e. is doing shopping or some sports - I love to poke around the house. A few days ago I found some really hilarious books done by »Gary Larson«.
He was a famous illustrator of comics in the 80ies and early 90ies.
Don't know if he's still working. Would be a shame if not...

Today I would like to show you some of his comics where the main actors are dogs.
Enough said - curtains up!

 Sorry guys, don't be peeved, but I have to return to my books. It's only for your favour...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Birthday pickings

First I'd like to thank all my friends & congratulators that made my (birth)day.
Everything was perfect - even if my deepest wishes (see my post from below) didn't came true...
But I had a lot of attention this day, and got some really f-u-n-tastic gifts.

After getting dressed by my mistress - as usual she put me on this awful crown - I had to pose amidst my gifts for the daily press:

I got a new »paraperro® cushion«, made by my mistress. It's an outdoor cushion and I'm going to be the test-dog for this model. When I'm chuffed about it, it's going to be produced next year.

Then I received a brandnew porcelain water-bowl that was designed by »Rosenthal« with a jolly print by Andy Warhol.

And also my mistress made a tasty cupcake of apple, zucchini and eggs, ornated by a »7« of some liver sausage, mhhhh!
B.t.w.: I didn't know what the green thing on the top of the cake has been for, it tasted unbearable...

Later that day - as you can see I still had to wear this crown - another present arrived.
My absolute adored liver-cake made by the german dog-bakery »Lehmann«.

There's only one question left: Why do I only have birthday once a year?
I've heard that 1 dog year counts like 7 human years!
So wouldn't it be fair to celebrate 6 times more?

Monday, May 28, 2012

wishing well

Yeah buddies, time's running. And thus my birthday isn't far away anymore.
This time I won't celebrate like last year, I'm just hanging around with some of my dearest friends.
I checked out some birthday presents that I'll await tomorrow. Maybe my wishes will come true...

These things would make my day:
1. Getting some lovely arranged flowers from my mistress in the morning.

Flowers found at »Snooty Paws«

2. Getting a really delicious & huge dog-cake for breakfast - of cause just for me.

Cake found at the lovely Blog of »Laurie Arons«

3. Having a refreshing bath with my buddies in a perfect shaped pool.

Bone-shaped swimmingpool found at the Blog »chicken smoothie«

4. And last but not least: Receiving a present that utterly looks like me!

Supercute key-chain made by »Leatherprince«

Will soon post some pics what really happened tomorrow.
Keep your fingers crossed for an amazing day!