Monday, May 28, 2012

wishing well

Yeah buddies, time's running. And thus my birthday isn't far away anymore.
This time I won't celebrate like last year, I'm just hanging around with some of my dearest friends.
I checked out some birthday presents that I'll await tomorrow. Maybe my wishes will come true...

These things would make my day:
1. Getting some lovely arranged flowers from my mistress in the morning.

Flowers found at »Snooty Paws«

2. Getting a really delicious & huge dog-cake for breakfast - of cause just for me.

Cake found at the lovely Blog of »Laurie Arons«

3. Having a refreshing bath with my buddies in a perfect shaped pool.

Bone-shaped swimmingpool found at the Blog »chicken smoothie«

4. And last but not least: Receiving a present that utterly looks like me!

Supercute key-chain made by »Leatherprince«

Will soon post some pics what really happened tomorrow.
Keep your fingers crossed for an amazing day!

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