Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hello Halloween

Here in Germany there isn't such a big hype of Halloween like in the U.S.
Lucky me, because I hate wearing clothes or being costumed. (As you know, the only costume I tolerate once a year is the goofy crown that I have to wear at my birthday.)
But I found this funny pic at the internet that even pleased me.
It looks so strange that I'm really loving it.
Hmmm, wasn't that the slogan of the products that are shown at the pic?

Hey folks, I sniffed out where the advertising-agency found it - they saw this photo!
I'm so foxy!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Magnetic fields

Christmas is moving closer & closer - right on the day there are only 2 months left.
My mistress is a person who hate being on the eleventh hour with buying christmas-presents. In addition she likes to donate things with a personal style and she likes all of the DIY-stuff.
She found a really simple tutorial of »Ambrosia creative« where you learn how to do handicrafted fridge-magnets that look like cute little polaroids. A perfect present for christmas!

After downloading the frame, she put some photos of me inside, printed them out, glued them onto a cardboard, glued them onto a magnet and a short while later she had some fancy magnets for one of her best friends that is respectively one of my biggest fan...
Look at this:

You can do this with every motif you like. My personal choice would be: sausages, bones, ham, treats aaaaaand the silly cat of our neighbours.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wire dogs

Never fear! I don't want to talk about those bad dog catchers, who are paid by some sick people for hunting and bothering animals. - I'm talking about art.
Today I found an artist who designs animal sculptures by using wire. It reminds me of ball-pen sketches that humans make while talking to someone boring at the telephone.
I think that was the inspiration of »Antonia Hansen« - a girl from lovely California - when creating the different dog-breeds (and a lot of more) in a handy size.

Have a look at poodle, retriever, great dane & other buddies that seems like handmade scribbles in 3D:

I would like to close this post by revealing my very own weekends' motto:
Better weird than wired.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Hello Kitty? - Bye bye!

Most of the time dogs and cats are problematic together. I really like cats (for hunting) and I adore their food (for me).
So it was good news for me that the japanese inventors of the most famous cat, so-called "Hello Kitty!" adopted a cute dog, called »Rebecca Bonbon«. A stylish french bulldog, that was born in Paris but now lives, together with her owners, in a cool apartment near Central Park in New York. She loves to travel around the world, to shop all day long and to eat bonbons (what else...)

Because one of my best friends is a french bulldog too, and because Rebecca seems to be a "Hund von Welt" like me, I think it would be possible for me to chum up with her. - Even if I don't like this girlish and pinkish stuff.

As you can imagine, Rebecca is a typical girl, and so there are tons of shirts and accessories available that are covered with her face.
My mistress loves the grey sweater that you can see at the middle of the first row on the next pic:

But - just a second: Why does she want to wear a shirt with another dog like me?
I've to thrash this out with her immediately!

See ya later!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dog rider

Usually I don't like playing games with us dogs. But this idea of a harness by »Costume Supercenter« is damned funny that I always have to laugh out loud when I see the following pics.
See for yourself!

Dog Rider Model "Jockey"

Dog Rider Model "Postman"

Dog Rider Model "Cowboy"

Dog Rider Model "Headless Horseman"

I think now I know what to wear on Halloweens day this year....

Monday, October 10, 2011

Keep calm and carry one (or more)

Today it was raining cats & dogs the whole day. I think autumn has arrived in Germany and I feel sad of the grey sky that maybe will last until april....

Therefor I'm totally delighted by the following prints of »Keep Calm Shop« from NYC that will bring colour & a smile in your home:

Here are the available colours of the print:

And these are the breeds you can choose for the top of your print:

Now then Buddies: Keep calm and rejoice the weather!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

From Skywalker to Dogwalker

Have a nice weekend!
Here in Germany it'll be a long one - thanks to a bank holiday.