Friday, October 14, 2011

Hello Kitty? - Bye bye!

Most of the time dogs and cats are problematic together. I really like cats (for hunting) and I adore their food (for me).
So it was good news for me that the japanese inventors of the most famous cat, so-called "Hello Kitty!" adopted a cute dog, called »Rebecca Bonbon«. A stylish french bulldog, that was born in Paris but now lives, together with her owners, in a cool apartment near Central Park in New York. She loves to travel around the world, to shop all day long and to eat bonbons (what else...)

Because one of my best friends is a french bulldog too, and because Rebecca seems to be a "Hund von Welt" like me, I think it would be possible for me to chum up with her. - Even if I don't like this girlish and pinkish stuff.

As you can imagine, Rebecca is a typical girl, and so there are tons of shirts and accessories available that are covered with her face.
My mistress loves the grey sweater that you can see at the middle of the first row on the next pic:

But - just a second: Why does she want to wear a shirt with another dog like me?
I've to thrash this out with her immediately!

See ya later!

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