Thursday, April 26, 2012

Take a nip to the loo

It's a matter of fact that some dogs love to sip out of the toilet. It's not my alley, so I don't have any explication or excuse for this behaviour. But apart from that: For all dog owners it's an really awkward affair...
My advice: Take these doggish things with a sense of humour! I found a damned funny water bowl, that will rock you with laughter - as well as every guest you'll host in the future.
Wanna bet?

 The CSB Dog Toilet Bowl available at »perpetual kid« or »Amazon«

Bottoms up, my friends!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Saddle up & ride your bike

Do you also like bicycling? Every time my mistress fetches her bike, I'm getting totally excited!
I love running sideway to her and pull her like a Husky his sleigh.
A few days ago I found the perfect companion for me and her: The German »Satteltier« (translated in English it maybe would be a »Saddlepet«), designed by the Swiss Tilo Ahmels.
These supercute and practical coats for the saddle of your bike are made out of nylon and avoid getting a wet bum. Available in Black or White:

Enjoy your ride!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Yummy Beauty

When people are invited by dog-owners, they often don't know what to bring along.
I found a very pleasant thing at the internet that turns some simple treats and a preserving jar into a perfect "made-with-love-gift".
With the »Jam-Labelizer« you can easy design your own Dogtreat-Label. There are different colours and designs available - you only have to type some words, print it, glue it, and: Here you are!

Actually it's made for labeling homemade marmelade - but why not also for your best friend of your best friend? Or your own best friend?
Check it out - it's fun!

Here are two of the designs you can choose from:


And also try the »Beer-Labelizer« - perfect for the thirsty lordling...