Saturday, October 27, 2012


There are times, I don't like other dogs. Fortunately most dogs realize that rather fast and forgo me - unfortunately their owners don't...
As humans are sometimes in a bad temper we dogs are, too. But how to explain this to bustling people, gushy kids or ignorant congeners?

The »Yellow Dog Project« - founded in september 2011- was created to bring awareness to dogs who need space. Dog owners only have to put a yellow ribbon or something similar in yellow at the leash of their dogs to demonstrate their need of room. 

There are some lovely illustrations of artist »Lili Chin« that describe the idea in a fantastic way. 
Her works about dogs and dog education as well as her custom made dog portraits are absolutely unique and my favourites. 
You'll find them following in English and for my German readers also in German.
If you need another translation, please cheek out the website of the »Yellow Dog Project«.

And keep in mind: The more dog owners know about this initiative, the better it works -
so please pass this on to have a better social life.

On behalf of all my buddies, sincere thanks to you all!