Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Barkday, Part 2

Yesterday was a day beyond belief for me. Due to my friends and my lovely mistress I had the best day of my life (so far...). Have a look at my private photo album to grab some impressions:

The invitations for my best friends - made by my mistress (like all of the stuff)

Preparing the birthday-table with presents for me and my friends

Some close-up views

(Plush toy by IKEA)

Some treats for my friends to treasure the party (Watch out, these are the real doggy-bags!)

Some party-hats for my friends. Did you see the logo? Yes, it's all me!

One of the party-hats on the head of Wilma...

...and on the head of Fridolin

Unfortunately there is a yearly habit of my mistress to make a birthday-pic with me wearing a little crown. I hate that, but maybe it brings good luck. Grmmmphhhh.

I think I will never understand it...

But I look much smarter than Frido, don't I?

The official birthday-portrait of me lounging on my new paraperro®cushion. Yeah, it fits perfect to me (I mean the cushion, not the crown...).

Again, thanks to my friends for this unforgettable day!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Corporate Design

Look at my own and brandnew logo my mistress designed the last days!
Now I can answer the billions of love-letters I receive every day from all over the world lordlike & stylish:

I just can't get enough of me....woofeeeeee!

I think I will use it the first time at my birthday-party on sunday. A perfect room for animal experiments on tastefulness...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Birthday wishlist

Yes, everybody's getting older - even me. On May 29th will be my 6th birthday and I'm going to have a tremendous party for all my friends.
Because everybody's asking if there is anything a "Hund von Welt" like me doesn't have, here is a small selection of my unaccomplished dreams. (And trust me: I do have many more!)

Birthday-Cake for dogs by »Lovina«

Canvas-Collar by »Found my animal«

Grenade Rubber Toy by »Tuffy Dog«

70ies style cushion by the brand of my mistress »paraperro«

Collars made out of sailing ropes by »sailing dogs«

Thanx in advance - you're my best friends! I love you all! See ya on sunday!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Balloon Dogs

I really like the noise when somebody is tinkering a balloon dog. And I love the feeling when I bite into one. (But I hate that BANG afterwards!)
Nevertheless - here are some of my inflated brothers and sisters I found at the internet:

This couple is a pair of bookends, I saw at »ModCloth«. Even if you aren't into reading it's an adornment for every shelf.

Two really nice collars for mistresses - one in black made by »Roscata«...

...and this glossy one in gold by »The Nymph«:

But never ever forget the lordlings! For the lords of the lordlings, I found some cufflinks designed by »Ted Baker«:

Aaand never, really never ever forget your lovable pup. Here's a unique toy from »charming pet« for chewing, drooling, licking, nibbling & biting.

My suggestion would be: Balloon dog for president! - Here is an inspiring button by »Short attention span girl« for his eleccion. I will wear it at my collar while listening to his first speech.

For everyone who is into that "Do-it-yourself-stuff", try this instruction for knoting your own balloon dog. But be careful, don't mutate into an animal hoarder...

Sunday, May 15, 2011


My mistress is completely addicted - no, better maniac - for SHOES. I know, this is a general problem of many women and dogs will never understand it.
But here are some, that even converted me into a shoejunkie. The designer is »Kobi Levi«, a guy from Israel who creates "artistic footwear". For him every piece is a wearable sculpture. The results of his work are "usually humoristic with a unique point of view about footwear."

If one of these pairs would find their way into our home, I wouldn't try to taste them (what I normally love to do) because I'm not into cannibalism...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mallorca - la isla bonita

Travelling is one of my favorite things to do, because sometimes you have to look beyond your own nose. To spend some days of spring at one of the most popular Mediterranean island was really an adventure for me. The weather was fantastic (not too cold and not too warm) and I got a lot of new inspiring inputs. This is me in front of the cathedral »La Seu« in Palma:

Some yummy kennel in a pastry shop - so delicious & colorful!

It seems that the architect of this house got his inspirations at the same pastry shop...And look: It's a dog-kennel too!

Maybe a new breeding of the established dalmatian dog. This seems to be the spring-version:

Some cute purses for dog-loving children:

At the entrance of the church Santa Eulàlia in Palma I found a really terrifying scene. Some dogs fighting against each other. This isn't after my fancy - I'm a peaceloving dog (most of the time by all means).

There are some beaches where dogs are allowed at the early seasons. But what the hell was the intention of my mistress while making this photo? Hey, I'm the star of this Blog - not that **** ****** ** ******!

Going back to Palma we stoped over at a Jazz Festival at one of the market places. I think this buddy looks so displaced, because for us dogs this kind of music sounds like »katzenjammer«.

And this little friend also seems to escape from the music. Or does he have a immense shopping list to finish?

Okay, I see! He wants to go to »TOUS« - a famous spanish fashion-label where you can buy jewels, bags, sunglasses and, as you can see: lovely Chihuahua-keychains.

And doggiebag-keychains:

If you are more a fan of that »Bling-Bling-stuff«, here are some keychains I found at El Corte Inglés made by Svarowski:

Another doggiebag made by Tommy Hilfiger:

And some more cheaper ones in the streets of Palma. Maybe it's due to its content...

Leaving to the airport, I found this fashion-store with the lovely logo of a spanish greyhound (these dogs are called Galgos and my mistress donates regularly some money for their needs).

Ahhhhhh, it's a pleasure to come home again....