Wednesday, May 15, 2013

high-glass dogs

Once again sorry for my bad working morale... Time's running and I have got my paws full.
In order to know what to do, my mistress created a cushion for me that shows my daily to-do-list.
So I will nevermore forget anything...

If you are interested, it's available at her shop:

But now for something completely different: My latest web-tours.
I found a nice german eBay-shop a couple of days ago where a girl is selling lovely dog-breeds made of italian Murano-glass.
The figures are only 6.5 cm (2.6") high, are made lovingly & with a lot of typical details of the real breed.

The sellers' name is »8010katharina« and she is selling worldwide.
Check out her shop, she has nearly every dog breed available, also rare breeds.

Here's a small selection of her latest offers:

Now - after checking my to-do-list - next item on the agenda is »eating«.
Thanx mistress for this mind memory, it works!