Monday, May 28, 2012

wishing well

Yeah buddies, time's running. And thus my birthday isn't far away anymore.
This time I won't celebrate like last year, I'm just hanging around with some of my dearest friends.
I checked out some birthday presents that I'll await tomorrow. Maybe my wishes will come true...

These things would make my day:
1. Getting some lovely arranged flowers from my mistress in the morning.

Flowers found at »Snooty Paws«

2. Getting a really delicious & huge dog-cake for breakfast - of cause just for me.

Cake found at the lovely Blog of »Laurie Arons«

3. Having a refreshing bath with my buddies in a perfect shaped pool.

Bone-shaped swimmingpool found at the Blog »chicken smoothie«

4. And last but not least: Receiving a present that utterly looks like me!

Supercute key-chain made by »Leatherprince«

Will soon post some pics what really happened tomorrow.
Keep your fingers crossed for an amazing day!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

♥ Love your dog ♥

Sorry for the endless waiting time - a »Hund von Welt« like me has a lot of obligations so I wasn't able to spare some time even though I can think of nothing better than to dictate some interesting troves to my mistress...

I found some really awesome cards for you doglovers: Made by »Pistachio Press«, launched 2007 by Rachael Hetzel, resident of the the U.S.A., who lives along with her husband and their two dogs, Cassie & Pancake Sue.
Her love to dogs is certainly the reason why she printed the following stationery with silhouettes of different dog breeds.
Good to know, that she also loves the environment. She only uses 100% tree-free cotton papers or recycled papers that contain at least 30% post-consumer waste.

These breed-cards are letterpress printed on plush cotton paper with red ink and come with a red matching envelope.

These breeds are available at the moment:

This one - b.t.w. my absolute favourite - was letterpress printed on an antique letterpress and then hand embroidered. Each heart is drawn by hand and then traced with thread.

Only as a memory hook: Tuesday 29th of May will be my 7th birthday!
I espect some well-shaped greeting-cards according to my todays' post...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Scratching post

Today the word "post" got a complete new meaning for me: This cattree made by the Dutch designer »Erik Stehmann« shows that there possibly exsists a kind of friendship - or let's say helpfulness between dogs and cats.
Okay, this tree really looks fantastic compared to the traditional furniture for cats, but it turns everything topsy-turvy in my view of the world. I think I've to make an appointment with my trusted psychologist....

Finally a short warning that hits the mark: Mind your head....!.