Thursday, December 22, 2011

True season's Greetings

Holidays are coming up and mostly entail the visit of a lot of family members. In order to celebrate some happy holidays, it's sometimes needful to explain non-dog-owners how to behave when meeting a dog.
Lili Chin - an illustrator who was born in Malaysia and is now based in Los Angeles - is a real doglover that cares about the relationship between dogs and people. In company with dogtrainer Sarah Owings she creates some "How-to-behave-tips" that are really interesting and stunning - also for people who owned a dog already....
Their instructions for »How not to greet a dog« are a funny way to show the Do's and Dont's.
Look & learn:

Got it?!?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

♫ Oh Tannenbaum ♫

I don't know why, but my mistress & lordling both have this quirk every year: They carry a tree from the garden into MY house and decorate it with different things - always the same time!
This year they put some little white balls on the tree that are printed with some of my buddies.

Baubles by »Reiko Kaneko«

Basically I'm very thankful for this noble gesture - at least I've an awesome indoor bathroom for the next two weeks...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

key couture

It seems to be a prejudice that the fashion world is an impersonal and frosty place...
Look below what I found in the shops of the most famous designers: A hommage to us dogs (what else...)!

Jack and Lazaro of »Proenza Schouler« created two limited-edition keychains in honor to their best friends Jojo (a Prague Rattler) and Buster (a Newfoundland). You can see both live at pic No.3 and their high-class copy - that's BTW only available at the online-store - at No.2 & 4.

Frida Giannini, chief designer of »Gucci« created Sam (picture No.1), made out of the typical Gucci-canvas, with ears of black suede and dark gold leather trim. He wears a gold tone plaque with the Gucci-Logo around his neck. Available at »pret-a-beaute«.

The keys I found at ebay.

I think it's only a matter of time until we dogs will be personally invited to the fashion-weeks around the world.
After all our taste is amazing! (We like to eat and wallow in lovely smelling dead things, for example...)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A dog in 236 illustrations

Camilla Engman from Sweden created a book in collaboration with 75 artists around the world to pay tribute to her dog Morran. (That - btw - reminds me of myself....)
»The Morran Book Project« is a lovely collection of awesome art, that doesn't only holds interest for dog-lovers...You can browse in the whole book to see the different artworks.

Maybe the perfect gift for mistresses & lordlings? x-mas is no longer far away....