Thursday, December 22, 2011

True season's Greetings

Holidays are coming up and mostly entail the visit of a lot of family members. In order to celebrate some happy holidays, it's sometimes needful to explain non-dog-owners how to behave when meeting a dog.
Lili Chin - an illustrator who was born in Malaysia and is now based in Los Angeles - is a real doglover that cares about the relationship between dogs and people. In company with dogtrainer Sarah Owings she creates some "How-to-behave-tips" that are really interesting and stunning - also for people who owned a dog already....
Their instructions for »How not to greet a dog« are a funny way to show the Do's and Dont's.
Look & learn:

Got it?!?

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  1. Besser auf den Punkt bringen kann man es nicht!! Kann man das als Schild kaufen?? Love it - - Your friend Yobby.