Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Barkday, Part 2

Yesterday was a day beyond belief for me. Due to my friends and my lovely mistress I had the best day of my life (so far...). Have a look at my private photo album to grab some impressions:

The invitations for my best friends - made by my mistress (like all of the stuff)

Preparing the birthday-table with presents for me and my friends

Some close-up views

(Plush toy by IKEA)

Some treats for my friends to treasure the party (Watch out, these are the real doggy-bags!)

Some party-hats for my friends. Did you see the logo? Yes, it's all me!

One of the party-hats on the head of Wilma...

...and on the head of Fridolin

Unfortunately there is a yearly habit of my mistress to make a birthday-pic with me wearing a little crown. I hate that, but maybe it brings good luck. Grmmmphhhh.

I think I will never understand it...

But I look much smarter than Frido, don't I?

The official birthday-portrait of me lounging on my new paraperro®cushion. Yeah, it fits perfect to me (I mean the cushion, not the crown...).

Again, thanks to my friends for this unforgettable day!

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