Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mallorca - la isla bonita

Travelling is one of my favorite things to do, because sometimes you have to look beyond your own nose. To spend some days of spring at one of the most popular Mediterranean island was really an adventure for me. The weather was fantastic (not too cold and not too warm) and I got a lot of new inspiring inputs. This is me in front of the cathedral »La Seu« in Palma:

Some yummy kennel in a pastry shop - so delicious & colorful!

It seems that the architect of this house got his inspirations at the same pastry shop...And look: It's a dog-kennel too!

Maybe a new breeding of the established dalmatian dog. This seems to be the spring-version:

Some cute purses for dog-loving children:

At the entrance of the church Santa Eulàlia in Palma I found a really terrifying scene. Some dogs fighting against each other. This isn't after my fancy - I'm a peaceloving dog (most of the time by all means).

There are some beaches where dogs are allowed at the early seasons. But what the hell was the intention of my mistress while making this photo? Hey, I'm the star of this Blog - not that **** ****** ** ******!

Going back to Palma we stoped over at a Jazz Festival at one of the market places. I think this buddy looks so displaced, because for us dogs this kind of music sounds like »katzenjammer«.

And this little friend also seems to escape from the music. Or does he have a immense shopping list to finish?

Okay, I see! He wants to go to »TOUS« - a famous spanish fashion-label where you can buy jewels, bags, sunglasses and, as you can see: lovely Chihuahua-keychains.

And doggiebag-keychains:

If you are more a fan of that »Bling-Bling-stuff«, here are some keychains I found at El Corte Inglés made by Svarowski:

Another doggiebag made by Tommy Hilfiger:

And some more cheaper ones in the streets of Palma. Maybe it's due to its content...

Leaving to the airport, I found this fashion-store with the lovely logo of a spanish greyhound (these dogs are called Galgos and my mistress donates regularly some money for their needs).

Ahhhhhh, it's a pleasure to come home again....

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