Thursday, June 7, 2012

Birthday pickings

First I'd like to thank all my friends & congratulators that made my (birth)day.
Everything was perfect - even if my deepest wishes (see my post from below) didn't came true...
But I had a lot of attention this day, and got some really f-u-n-tastic gifts.

After getting dressed by my mistress - as usual she put me on this awful crown - I had to pose amidst my gifts for the daily press:

I got a new »paraperro® cushion«, made by my mistress. It's an outdoor cushion and I'm going to be the test-dog for this model. When I'm chuffed about it, it's going to be produced next year.

Then I received a brandnew porcelain water-bowl that was designed by »Rosenthal« with a jolly print by Andy Warhol.

And also my mistress made a tasty cupcake of apple, zucchini and eggs, ornated by a »7« of some liver sausage, mhhhh!
B.t.w.: I didn't know what the green thing on the top of the cake has been for, it tasted unbearable...

Later that day - as you can see I still had to wear this crown - another present arrived.
My absolute adored liver-cake made by the german dog-bakery »Lehmann«.

There's only one question left: Why do I only have birthday once a year?
I've heard that 1 dog year counts like 7 human years!
So wouldn't it be fair to celebrate 6 times more?

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