Thursday, March 1, 2012


My dearest friends.
Most of you certainly know how it feels when you have to go to the vet:
It's a terrible nightmare!
The most degrading thing is when he prescribes a cone of shame. (B.t.w. it's the perfect definition of this awful object...)
Julia Duncan-Roitman, the founder of »Pink Baby Mouse Shop« doesn't only breed mice (yeah, it's true, buddies!) - she also designed these incredible "Cone Pillows" that show different dog breeds on colourful fabrics.

Dear talented inventors & designers.
It would be really kind, if you would give some attention to the look of these horrible cones of shame. I'm sure it would be a profitable job for you...And I swear that all dogs in the world - including me - would be deeply grateful.
Kind regards and a big woofeee!

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