Sunday, April 17, 2011

Today at the fleemarket

It has been a sunny day today. So we went out to one of our fleemarkets in Hamburg to have a look around. The first I saw were these buddies laying under the sales booth...The caption came to my mind was »Too tired or Two tired?«

There have been a lot of people searching for kitsch, treasures and preciousities. But this pup seems to search for something else...

I always rest my case: Terrier are really brilliant...

I really empathize with this buddy - no surprise that he looks so miserable with that cable hanging around his neck...

...and this one also seems to be a little bit petrified:

A gorgeous but really cheap dachshund: a purchase of 28 Euro, eats nothing, drinks nothing, needs no place to sleep and never barks.

The poodle-frequency was enormous today...
A white and mellow exemplar:

...and a black and nodding exemplar from the 60ies.
This one has a new owner from today: My mistress. Hopefully he doesn't annoy me - but I think he agrees with everything I tell him.

For whom are these guys waiting? And why are they looking so huffish?
»Hey, the sun is shining! It's a perfect day today! Wooofff!«

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