Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Bark, New Bark

During my last trip to New York - that was coincidentally my first too - I sniffed around to have some new inspirations of what doggies do and wear in the Big Apple. I was very surprised to see these costumes at the lovely dogboutique »trixie and peanut«, located at 23 East 20th Street.
(Hopefully there won't be a pack of hounds that chase the little Chihuahua while wearing this Bunny-Costume....)

America is a really amazing country. Nobody in Germany would ever consider on a automat that contains Dogtreats or PooBags. It's really clever - but there is a snag in it: you always have to pack 25 Cent in your pocket.

Here you can see, that really everyone in New York is in a hurry...even those nice tightened Chihuahuas. But maybe there are some hounds (see above) close on her heels, because of here lovely pink costume...

...or she has a date at Jemmy's Run with a dinky pug....You can have a look, it's near the Flat Iron Building (between 5th Avenue and Broadway).

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