Saturday, September 10, 2011


Sometimes my mistress is starting a trip without me. Last weekend she went to Amsterdam|The Netherlands to visit some of the famous museums there.
For me a sign to stay at home, because I hate being carried in a train or leashed in front of old houses where people named Rembrandt or van Gogh or something live...Thank God that I stayed in Hamburg, because my mistress reported that it's a pitty for dogs to live in Amsterdam, because there's no greenery in sight.
But she found a lot of lovely things, that I don't want to keep back from you. (That's the reason why this post is written by her...but I swear that it won't get a steady state, okay?)

Everybody knows, the Dutch people always ride on bikes. And it's true - never seen that many bicycles... This is a really romantic one, I like the typography and the mint green colour:

While walking around the pretty town canals I saw these two colourful retriever standing in a window. Maybe that's how a "normal" retriever looks after smoking some cannabis...

Apropos smoking cannabis: This is one dependance of a famous coffe-shop chain. The only question is: Why is the dog thirsty?

There are so many galleries in this part of the town! You can find every type of art - from modern to old fashioned. The following galleries seem to have real preciosities for sale, because somebody keeps a jealous watch over it:

This amazing sculpture is made by the artist »Kim Boulukos« and is presented at the gallery »Smelik Stokking «. It's actually the best work I've seen for a long time:

This pug looks really scary. I found him at a gallery while walking back to my apartment after having dinner at the fantastic reaturant »thjis« at the Prinsengracht. It was dark outside and so it was a really spooky moment when I saw this little monster:

Another piece of magnificent art. A lordling takes a walk with his dog. Here you can perfectly see who's the top dog of the couple...

Look at this couple of caricatured greyhounds seen in the window of another gallery:

And an antique couple. The dachshund at the right is from Germany and carries a letter "An Herrchen" (Translation: To my Lorling):

The Dutch people are really taking a joke (seen in a window of a rummage-shop):

Another find in the window of a bakery. That's what I call perfect recycling of plastic-bags!

Amsterdam is a real "shopping-eldorado". But too much shopping can be sooooooo boring (but never for us girls, eh?)

A snapshot of a dogs everyday life in Amsterdam:

The dog above bears resemblance to this one I've seen in the »Rijksmuseum«. It's part of an antique picture of tiles made out of »Delft-porcelain«:

Another part of the famous porcelain from Delft - a cute dog bowl (not antique):

And a lovely Delft-souvenir for Antons Dogsitter Anna from »Dogs And The City« in Hamburg. It looks a little bit like Anton with the blue spot on his eye:

Also this one has a similarity to Anton. It's really strange: Everytime I'm without him, I miss him after a few hours...

Nevertheless - it was a fascinating and inspiring journey even without him.
Dank u Nederlander en tot ziens Amsterdam!

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