Thursday, September 1, 2011

Do(g) it yourself

It's important to protect the world we're living in. And it's important to support organizations that protect our planet.
My mistress is helping since years - she aids the »WWF - world wide fund for nature«.
A few days ago she received a mailing to help protecting the wolves in Europe. And there was a really nice idea attached at this letter: A small origami-sheet to fold up your own wolf!
For me it doesn't look like an ordinary wolf, rather it seems to be a cute little dog and so I forced my mistress to fold a pride of "dogs" for me. You can even print the following pattern onto colored paper to build various breeds, isn't that fabulous? Here we go!

The original color of the mailing-wolf was green, but my mistress "bleached" it for printing dogs in several colors:

Here comes the instructions for folding (No fear, it's quite easy!):

So let's run with the pack, buddies!

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