Thursday, September 29, 2011

Plastic surgery

At the moment I love neon colours, after my mistress bought me this superstylish neon orange collar made of BioThane®. It's a fantastic material, easy to clean and robust - perfect for my turbulent life.

But this won't be the story of my todays post - no - I found some really nice artworks at the web, some plastic-sculptures that are painted in neon adding gold and silver colours.
They're handmade by the italian artist »thegoodmachinery« and his brand "The strange planet".

He also does wildlife animals from Africa. I adore the giraffe you can see at the next pic:

Please notice that all of these animals are not meant to be used as a toy - unfortunately, because I would like to figure out, if there's a squeaker inside....

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  1. Anton my friend, you look gorgeous with that collar. I've a similar one in yellow - perfect for the upcoming crappy weather...