Wednesday, November 16, 2011

cufflink link

I noticed that we have a lot of girls stuff the past weeks. The boys are missed out, so it's time to show some preppy things for the lordlings of my readers.
In addition x-mas is coming much faster than it seems and maybe you (and now I mean the mistresses of my readers) need a gift for your second beloved...

I'm talking about a typical human present, but in this case it's much more stylish than everything you normally endow: The cufflink.
»Link your shirt« has a huge selection of doggish cufflinks, but the following ones are my absolute favourites:

All images are under rounded glass, with a silver plated backing.
If I would ever wear shirts (what will never occur, you all know my animosity of dog-clothing - please see below), I would pimp it with a Beagle cufflink.
A big »Wooof« to Emma, my eldest friend & a Beagle, what else?!

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