Friday, November 11, 2011

♫ ♪ Baby, it's cold outside ♫ ♪

As you can certainly imagine, I don't like any style of dog-clothing - I'm a red-blooded male!
Nevertheless some weird human beings think that they have to robe their dogs like infants and even think they like it.
I must confess that there are some buddies who need something to wear, because they don't have enough undercoat. But why the hell it has to look like Barbiedolls on their way to prom?

'cause it's getting colder day by day, I seek advice from the web and found a »Quick coat« that is really easy to sew and doesn't look like "Tinky Winky" of the Teletubbies.

Needed Materials
  • waterproof fabric 60cm (24 inches)
  • warm lining fabric (for example fleece or artifical fur) 60cm (20 inches)
  • velcro (for example 2cm / ~1" wide)

The pattern is made for a coat like in the picture at the end of this post; you might want to consider making a bigger coat in up-down direction. Then the coat would protect some more.

Bend the waterproof fabric in half, put the bend in place marked in the picture. Cut the pieces, collar B is not mandatory. You can also make it from artificial fur, both sides. This would make the coat look really cool:) Bend the lining fabric and cut one similar main piece also.

Open bent pieces. Sew lining and waterproof fabric together from wrong side, but leave the collar area open. Turn inside out, so the seams are hidden nicely.
Attach the collar, sew along the edge of main piece. If you made the collar from two pieces, do it the same way as main piece: together from wrong side and then turn inside out. If you do not make a collar, then just sew the main pieces together as nicely as you can.

Try the coat on the dog and choose suitable places for velcro on the front (about place C).
Choose a spot for stomach band also (about place A).
Sew in the front velcro, if you do not want to use there velcro at all, sew pieces together. Just be sure that dog's head can fit through. Sew stomach band in place from one side, sew also some velcro to it's free end.

Try the coat again, now it's easy to spot the place for velcro so that the stomach band works. Sew it in place and the coat is finished!

If you consider fleece as a lining fabric, note that it gathers static electricity easily. Therefore it collects lots of hair.
The coat should look something like this (the stomach band in picture is different):

All instructions by the mistress of Noppa (the beautiful Dalmatian shown above). Thanx for that!

Man - I just notice that we have a crazy date today: 11|11|11
Seems to be a freaky friday...
(Maybe I'll put on a coat when going out for a walk - my mistress will go crazy on me!!!!)

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