Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Felt in l ♥ve

There are only few things that make me speechless (and I don't mean the time while chewing on a bone...):
When I found these felted dogs it was all up with me. Made by Julie Anne of »La Charmour« they show typical & individual expressions of every different dog-breed. It's fascinating how detailed Julie Anne is watching every dog she is felting.
You have to visit her shop to see all the breeds she made so far, because the following ones are only a small range. And watch out: She can also felt your dog!

1. The St. Bernhard

2. The Poodle

3. The Pointer

4. The Podenco

5. The Norwich Terrier

6. The Retriever

7. The Chow-Chow

8. The King Charles

9. The Bulli

10. The Beagle

11. The Spaniel

12. And last but not least - one of my kind: The Terrier

Time to enlarge my home for some new friends!

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