Wednesday, November 23, 2011

♫ ♪ Santa Paw is coming to town

I'm getting more & more excited, because my favourite month of the year is coming closer rapidly. It's starting directly at the beginning of December with Santa Claus.
I like the way how my mistress is cleaning her shoes and putting them outside the night before.
And I like the cookies and the milk that she placed in front of the chimney, because they taste really fantastic! (Please don't tell her, because she actually supposes, that it's Santa who eats and drinks the stuff...)
Last year she also hanged some stockings at the chimney - what a crazy idea - but the morning of the 6th December they were filled with different pretty things. Sadly she only hung up 2 stockings, so I decided to change the deficit for this year with a lovely and HUGE diy-stocking found at »Family Fun«, that holds nearly everything you wish:

You need
  • Sheet of dark brown felt, 9 by 12 inches
  • Long sewing pins
  • Large-eye sewing needle
  • Dark brown embroidery floss
  • Clear tape
  • 9 inches of tan twist cord


  1. The Basic Stocking: Click here for detailed instructions and to download the dog paw stocking pattern.

  2. Cut 1 paw shape from each piece of the light tan fur and 1 from each piece of the dark tan fur

  3. Cut paw pads from the brown felt.

  4. Pin the paw pads to the furry side of a dark tan paw and use the floss to whipstitch (see diagram and Tips) the pads in place.

  5. Pin together the 4 paws with the dark tan paws on the outside, furry sides out, and the light tan paws on the inside, furry sides in.

  6. Using the floss, whipstitch around the edges, sewing the paws together. Leave the top edges unsewn.

  7. At the top, sew together the front 2 edges, then the back 2.

  8. Fold down the top to make a cuff.
  9. Tape the ends of the cord to keep them from fraying, then sew the cord to the stocking for hanging.

Hopefully my mistress is putting the cookies out a little bit earlier this year, because it's really hard to stay awake and eat them before Santa does....

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