Monday, August 8, 2011

Like a dog in a china shop

The US-manufacturer »Herend« produces lovely smooth white porcelain-dogs with hand painted designs. It beautifies every home no matter if it's modern style or full of antiques. For me they look really stylish and would appear fantastic on our 60ies danish sideboard - but I think my mistress will never buy one of these precious loved ones, because we have a cleaning lady that is - let's say - a little bit clumsy. Quasi like an elephant in a china shop...
Now have a look at these wonderfully designed animals.

This is not Rudolph, the red nose reindeer - it's the red tailed Labrador:

Miss Chihuahua, pecious suited in Amber:

Gentlemen prefer Blondes - Ladies prefer blonde Spaniels:

Not the Pink Panther, but the Pink Poodle:

Go Green!

A sun-tanned Yorkie:

True (and) blue:

And one of my cousins - a Jack Russell - wants to play (must be Black Jack, he?)

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