Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dogs (and more) in 3D

Today I would like to introduce some more pillows I found at the internet. I just can't get enough of these fluffy, cuddly & mellow stuff - exceptionally when they look that real like these from »Areaware«. The designer is the New Yorker Ross Menuez who was enspired by images of the 19th century illustrations and the shape of pillows from the victorian age.

Fans of the pug will lose their hearts to this most charming face:

Look at this curly-dinky poodle. It seems that he thinks about solving the real important problems of the world...

Another hairy chum - the Bearded Collie. Thank goodness he doesn't lose his hair like the real ones do...

The best partner for animal herding (hahaha) - the Border Collie:

And some cool hot spots for your home:

A preppy-peppy-puppy that will bring thousands of enamoured screecher, wanna bet?

And - Tadah! - one of my kind. He looks amazingly intelligent & handsome, doesn't he?

But this one is my absolute favorite. A rabbit that doesn't beat loose. (But foolishly it doesn't taste at all...)

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