Thursday, July 21, 2011

dogs for cell

Nearly every human being owns one of these curious machines called mobiles. I really don't understand wherefor they use them, but it must be very important:
They hug it several times during the day by nuzzeling it to their ears and the "peculiar thing" answers with a cosily sound of pleasure....
In order that it doesn't get ill or feel cold they bed it into pockets or sleeping bags...
Humans, ts ts ts ts...

The mistress of Lasse - one of my Parson Russell friends - is producing cell-phone-bags of wool felt, that helps protecting all those little ringelingding-things of getting in danger.
Her brand is called »Vom Heimathafen« and it's quite easy to get one of her handmade bags in your own style: Just send her a pic of your dog (or of anything else you like) and she designs a perfect-shaped bag for your mobile.

The following one I really love most, because it's printed with Lasse at the beach after getting wet by a huge wave...

If you're more into Polka-Dots, this one is perfect for you:

And this is the back view of the cuddly accommodation:

Seems to be the one and only mobile home, doesn't it?

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