Friday, June 29, 2012

Viva Italia!

After Germanys desaster at the European Football Championship yesterday, where we played against Italy (and lost the match), I wasn't sure if this is the perfect moment to post my latest vacation experiences.
These days I stay in Italy - better say Tuscany - and enjoy the sunny weather, the sweet idleness and the perfect Italian food.
The picture shows me amidst an exhibition in the city of »Arezzo«. It seems like David against Goliath and I felt a little bit scary. (But: Mum's the word to anybody!)

Greetings from Tuscany, my dearest friends! I wish you all a terrific weekend!

But now I  have to end up for today, because there are some terrible mouth-watering "salsiccia con tartufi" waiting for me....

Thursday, June 14, 2012

LOL - Part One

While I'm alone at home - when my mistress f.e. is doing shopping or some sports - I love to poke around the house. A few days ago I found some really hilarious books done by »Gary Larson«.
He was a famous illustrator of comics in the 80ies and early 90ies.
Don't know if he's still working. Would be a shame if not...

Today I would like to show you some of his comics where the main actors are dogs.
Enough said - curtains up!

 Sorry guys, don't be peeved, but I have to return to my books. It's only for your favour...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Birthday pickings

First I'd like to thank all my friends & congratulators that made my (birth)day.
Everything was perfect - even if my deepest wishes (see my post from below) didn't came true...
But I had a lot of attention this day, and got some really f-u-n-tastic gifts.

After getting dressed by my mistress - as usual she put me on this awful crown - I had to pose amidst my gifts for the daily press:

I got a new »paraperro® cushion«, made by my mistress. It's an outdoor cushion and I'm going to be the test-dog for this model. When I'm chuffed about it, it's going to be produced next year.

Then I received a brandnew porcelain water-bowl that was designed by »Rosenthal« with a jolly print by Andy Warhol.

And also my mistress made a tasty cupcake of apple, zucchini and eggs, ornated by a »7« of some liver sausage, mhhhh!
B.t.w.: I didn't know what the green thing on the top of the cake has been for, it tasted unbearable...

Later that day - as you can see I still had to wear this crown - another present arrived.
My absolute adored liver-cake made by the german dog-bakery »Lehmann«.

There's only one question left: Why do I only have birthday once a year?
I've heard that 1 dog year counts like 7 human years!
So wouldn't it be fair to celebrate 6 times more?