Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Barkday, last Part (for now)

Thanks for all the emails I received after publishing the pictures of my 6th birthday. Many of you asked me, if it's really true, that I've to wear this embarassing crown each year.
Here comes the proof:

My first birthday we've spended in Mallorca | Spain. We had a fantastic time with beautiful weather and I played a lot with the in-house cat there (a thing I would never do nowadays, because it makes much more fun to chase them).

My 2nd I got two plush toys, one with »naughty« the other with »nice« written on it. What the hell means »nice«?

I don't look sad on this pic of my third birthday - I only cannot await to jump at the bull whip.

Birthday No.4 my mistress donated me a self-sewed mini-pillow that lookes like me. Isn't it cute?

This one is last-years birthday-picture. I like the squeaking-terrier that also looks like me (made by »vom Heimathafen«) and I love the cookie with my name on (but this one only for a few moments).

As you can see: The crown is tradition - whether I like it or not....

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