Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Couch sit-in

A few days ago I found »Cuore« at Etsy. (For everybody who doesn't know what Etsy is: It's an internet-platform that enables creative people all over the world to sell their self-made products.)
»Cuore« is a really big fan of pets - particularly dogs. It's a girl from California | United States that is a freelance designer. Her products are for those who always wanted to have a second (or third or fourth...) dog in the house:

This cute little Chihuahua is "Billie Jean". But I think she has nothing in common with the one in Michael Jacksons song...

This lovely Weiner is called "Teriyaki". He's sleeping all day long, so he doesn't cause any trouble.

"Nuri" the French Bulldog is a real couch-potato...

So is "Jer Jer", the Welsh Corgie. Please keep this in mind when you decide to bargain one of them - you possibly have to yield your own couch...

"Lola" the Boston Terrier is the sceptic dog of the pack. Maybe because everybody mix her up with "Nuri" the French Bulldog, but she's much more into running and jumping.

And "Barbeque", the sleeping Dachshund is always dreaming of grilled chicken, sausages and juicy beef steak, yummy!!

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